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RangerOps is in the process of developing a suite of military content related websites. We have reserved a large number of great military concept terms as domain names. As we launch these individual sites, there will be an opportunity for advertising. Those with current advertising relationships will receive a distribution of banner impressions in appreciation of their contributions to the success of RangerOps LLC.

If you desire introducing your product or service to a large military audience, please consider contacting RangerOps to learn of current and upcoming opportunties. If you are interested in exposing your product or service to an audience interested in specific military topics, please contact RangerOps with your targeted audience requirements. We may have a site on the drawing board to meet your precise needs in the near future. Our knowing your requirements could cause an acceleration of our plans and result in our deploying a site in conjunction with your anticipated needs.

Contact RangerOps to learn more about sites currently in development and their projected dates of publication, as well as future sites not yet in development. Be sure to submit adequate contact information; name, company and title when doing so.

Thank you for your interest in advertising on RangerOps properties.


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